Sepehr Arman Farda Construction Company, under the brand name of Sunext Group, is a private equity company in the field of real estate investment management, which was formed with the aim of providing diverse and innovative solutions in the field of real estate investment, construction, and marketing.
The focus of this company is on providing new financing solutions in the form of private equity companies and providing golden investment opportunities for the personnel and managers of Sepehr Arman Industrial Group and other partner companies, so that in this way, the concerns of people to become homeowners and Also, it fixed the investment in real estate with any amount of capital, and people can easily invest in real estate by focusing on their main activities, and while protecting their capital against inflation, it is possible to benefit from the economic benefits of this market. and also provide the opportunity to become a housewife.

In designing the logotype, we had to separate the two words sun and next. For this purpose, we designed their common letter, the letter N, in an elongated form. With this, both the word sun and the next word will be seen.

To completely minimal and luxurious format in the design of the visual identity, as well as the use of black and gold templates in the print, made the brand stands as a luxury brand.

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